Public Relations


Public relations is about communication. PR practitioners have to be able to communicate properly with the people they work for and with various publics outside of the company. They have to look out for what’s best for their company and what will make all people inside and outside of their company happy. This can be a very difficult task. Without public relations practitioners, I do not believe many companies would survive. Public Relations practitioners help a company’s image by making the company look good to the public.

PR practitioners help companies overcome crisis, which I feel is one of the most important parts of PR. If something bad happens with a company, PR specialists will in a way come to the rescue and ensure damage control is done so that the public does not perceive the company in a bad way. Here is in article from PR Week about crisis management


In Principles of Public Relations we learned many things about the basics of public relations. The class participated in many activities throughout the semester. This was helpful because instead of just looking at a PowerPoint the entire class period, students were able to actual apply their knowledge and look into various PR situations. Students also broke down PR campaigns and looked at the objectives, strategies and tactics. They then evaluated campaigns. This was a great project to do considering putting together campaigns is a big part of public relations.


Overall, this class was very helpful in showing what people do in the field of public relations. We were fortunate enough to have guest speakers that talked to the class about their jobs and things that they are responsible for. Also, the class helped students prepare for a career in the field. This class has truly made me look forward to my career in public relations. I now know what to expect in the field of PR, and I can’t wait!