Things to Do in Orlando Fla. Other Than Visit Theme Parks

Orlando is my favorite place to go when I have a couple extra days to go somewhere; this is like my home away from home. If you aren’t visiting a theme park or if you are trying to find something else to do as well, there are many other things to do while on your trip. Below I have listed a few of my favorite places to stay, places to eat and things to do.

Places to Stay: I have stayed at many hotels in Orlando but have narrowed it down to my top 2 favorite. The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is an amazing hotel. You walk into a huge lobby with water fountains and birds all around you. The rooms are extremely clean and the beds are very comfortable. Outside there is a huge pool with a grotto and a waterslide; there is also an bar inside the grotto. The staff is friendly and courteous. The ambiance of the hotel makes you feel as if you are on a luxury vacation on an island. You could spend the entire day outside at the pool relaxing. The second hotel is the Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa. This is also a beautiful hotel with great rooms and accommodating staff. The hotel has two beautiful pools and a relaxing fountain area to sit by outside. There is also a nightclub at the hotel for something to do later, or a spa to relax during the day.

Below is a picture of the pool at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Photo Credit:

Places to Eat: I have 2 restaurants that I try to stop by every time I visit Orlando. The first is Uno; Uno is famous for its deep dish pizzas. This is a popular restaurant in the North, but there aren’t any located in the Tampa area so it is nice to go while in Orlando. They have great food at good prices. There are a few different locations throughout the Orlando area. Another restaurant is Agave Azul. It is a Mexican restaurant located on Kirkman Road. It looks like an upscale restaurant but the prices are very affordable. They have amazing food and I would recommend to anyone that likes Mexican to try it.

Things to Do: I have found a few fun places to go other than theme parks while in Orlando. The first is Icebar; this is a bar made completely of ice. There is also a separate bar in the venue to warm up in. When you walk into Icebar you are given jackets and gloves. They take you inside the bar and everything around you is ice. The drinks are served to you in ice glasses and the benches you sit on are ice (they do have fur blankets on top of them though). It was definitely a fun experience. Another thing to do is walk around Downtown Disney. It is right on the water so it is nice to walk around and look out at the water. There are many shops and places to eat as well. I would also suggest WonderWorks. It is a huge upside down building on International Drive. It has many fun exhibits inside such as; a motion simulated roller coaster, a bed of nails, a motion simulated earthquake and many more; they also have a magic show.  Other things to do are the many dinner shows, the outlet malls, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Fun Spot, indoor skydiving, helicopter tours, etc.

Below is a picture inside Icebar

 Photo Credit:

Every time I have gone to Orlando I have always had fun. It is a great place to visit with many things to do. I would recommend to anyone that hasn’t been there to plan a trip soon.


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