Visiting Los Angeles

I personally have never been to Los Angeles but I would love to go. This is on the top of my list of places to visit in the United States. I have an aunt that lives out there and absolutely loves it. I am going to try to plan a trip next year. I wanted to look into some of the popular tourist attractions and get feedback from people who have visited Los Angeles.

One thing that makes Los Angeles such a popular tourist destination is because it is home to so many celebrities. There are many celebrity sightings and you may run into one while out to dinner or just walking around the city. Los Angeles is also home to many major film studios such as Paramount, Warner Bros., Disney, Fox, etc. Hundreds of movies are produced in Los Angeles annually.

One place that seems interesting to visit would be Hollywood Boulevard. This is where you can see the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. You are able to see all the stars throughout the years. Madame Tussauds is also located on Hollywood Boulevard. I have been to the one in London and it was a lot of fun. I would love to see this wax museum as well. The Hollywood Museum also seems like an interesting to stop by while on the boulevard. It contains props and memorabilia from Hollywood movies. This museum has over 10,000 exhibits. Learn more about Hollywood Boulevard at

The picture below is of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Photo Credit:

I would like to visit the theme parks Los Angeles has to offer. I have been to Universal Studios in Orlando numerous times and I love it. I would like to go to Universal Studios Hollywood when I am able to visit Los Angeles. It looks like they have some attractions that Orlando does not have. There is a ride where you go through Hollywood Studios and are able to look at sets. I have also been to Disney World but would definitely like to visit Disneyland as well. I love theme parks so these two parks would be on my to do list.

The Santa Monica Pier looks like another fun thing to do while in Los Angeles. There is an amusement park on the pier with a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and other rides. There is also a miniature golf course and an aquarium. The pier offers different food selections as well, from cotton candy stands to fine dining. This would be a fun place to go and spend your day.

Below is a picture of the pier taken from the water.

 Photo Credit:

Overall I think there would be many things to do in Los Angeles, and I would like to make a long vacation out of it. I have attached a link to a survey below. I want to get opinions on people’s  visits to Los Angeles.

Please visit this link to participate in a brief survey.


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