The History in St. Augustine, Fla.

St. Augustine, Fla. is a great place to visit if you are interested in history. I went last May with a friend. About 2 million people visit St. Augustine annually. It is the oldest city in America; it was founded in 1565. The city attempts to maintain the heritage as much as possible. It contains many historical landmarks. When the city had its 400th anniversary in 1965, it launched a program to restore areas of the colonial city. There are also numerous markings throughout the city that show sites connected to civil rights movements after Martin Luther King Jr. led a campaign in 1964.

Many of the popular areas to visit in St. Augustine include: the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, the Fountain of Youth, the Castillo de San Marcos, the Authentic Old Jail, etc. This list is just a few of the things you can do while in St. Augustine.  You can also go to and see local events the city has to plan your trip.

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse – The schoolhouse was built over 200 years ago. The master of the school and his wife lived upstairs and the children came for class downstairs. It was extremely small inside and it was all wood; the kids sat on small wooden benches. Outside there was a beautiful garden that you were able to walk through.

The picture below is of the entrance to the schoolhouse.

Image Photo Credit: Ashley Grant

The Fountain of Youth: The Fountain of Youth is, in my opinion, the most interesting place to see in the city. It is located in the area that Ponce De Leon first landed in 1513 and has become a national park. You are able to see the fountain and drink the water. You can also purchase an empty bottle from the gift shop and fill it yourself with water from the fountain. The park offered a cannon shooting show where a man does a skit and shows the audience how to shoot a cannon.

The picture below is of the show that is offered at the park.

Image Photo Credit: Ashley Grant

Castillo de San Marcos–  The fort was built by 1695, and it is the oldest fort in the continental United States. During the Revolutionary War, the fort was used as a military prison. It is considered one of the most haunted places in St. Augustine. You are able to walk through the fort during the day. You are also able to take a ghost tour and walk around the outside of the fort at night. You are able to see execution spots and significant areas of the fort.

The picture below is a view of the fort from the main entrance.

Image Photo Credit: Ashley Grant

Authentic Old Jail – This was St. Augustine’s jail from 1891 to 1953. It reopened in 1954 for tourists. You are able to take a tour through the jail and see the cells, kitchen, and sheriffs living areas. The tour also takes you out back and shows where the hangings of prisoners took place. This tour is also offered at night during the ghost tour.

The picture below is one of the cells in the jail with a wax prisoner inside of it.

Image Photo Credit: Ashley Grant

Overall this is a great place to visit. There are many things to do and many nice hotels to stay at. I would highly recommend the Casa Monica Hotel; it is a beautiful place to stay with great staff. Its easiest to rent a scooter to get around from place to place. You can also get many discounts on tickets to attractions if you buy them in packages at the stands on the streets.

The entire historic district of the city makes you feel like you stepped back into time. There is also many museums to visit and sites to see just walking around without having to pay anything at all. If you appreciate history this is definitely a city you should visit. To learn more about attractions in St. Augustine and to plan your trip go to


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